untitled I

by HUSH.

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released 10 November 2012
j.cozza//8 strings j.andrews//7 strings, vocals r.strainer//drums, keys c.cure//vocals, words
recorded by Ryan Slowey and Jason Tash in June 2012 in an unused warehouse in Rensselaer, NY. Vocal recording and mixing by Ryan Slowey at Empty House, Albany, NY. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.



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Track Name: gather
Come, gather. Cast away your eyes, burn your tongues, and swallow your teeth. Where you walk now, there is no need to see or speak or eat. Faith be your guide into the eye of the storm. Faith be your guide through the fire and flood. Faith be your guide on the path to war. Faith be your sight beyond seeing. Faith be your words without speaking. Faith be your sustenance and succor. Faith let your steps be sure, [for god is shamed by uncertainty]. This house is defiled by glimpses of reality. Deafen yourselves to these and greet your tyrant king. Gather on your knees to receive the lord of lies.
Track Name: old bones
The carcass of all you used to love, bleaching beneath the soundless wind and sun. Cold comfort now, the future and hope. Replaced by a scene of collapse. Put it in the ground. Bury the old bones and wrap them in a new earthen flesh. All that we build must crumble and fall. All that we are must spark and fade. Breath to whispers. Blood to dust.
Track Name: antlerborn
the most ancient directives lost, suffocated in the name of a more docile modern age. You build nests of apathy inside cages of anxiety and gladly call them home. Kings make crowns of my stolen rage. Sit on thrones of my empty veins, but they cannot call me tamed. and I am not enslaved. You might convince yourself you are the lone ram in a herd of sheep, still you can't help but obey. bleat and obey. i will watch from the shadows and laugh among the beasts.
Track Name: squall
You have sown the clouds, but we suffer the squall. flickers of arson cross the sky and the solid ground below breaks away. If I must stand alone against the wind and tide to wait for the calm, then let it be so, and let the last of us left pile your corpses to burn. In the name of all precious, pure, young, and free- I face the storm.
Track Name: candles
Burn at both ends, bright and silent. Waves of color dissolve into black memory. These flames spill their gold to each impoverished night, until everything shines in here. The spirits swell and glisten, then burst and wither and blow away in smoke. They dance on the air, coil and entwine, become new breath, and begin again.
Track Name: by tusk and talon
Beyond lost in a wilderness of steel and noise. The soil is tangled wires. The trees are made of rods and panels. There is an eye within an eye watching every angle. In the beginning there was flesh and will alone. At the end there is only hollow ritual and meaningless words of praise for the things we have made, and the ways we have changed. A cold and exact set of standard parts. By tusk and talon they have come, with iron tooth and razor claw, with silicon fist and cabled mind. They have come to take us away from ourselves.
Track Name: the distant roar of things to come
watch the light leave the body through this spreading wound. the night is with us now, in us now. all future mornings rise to find our faces turned away and unknowing. the dead lie unburied. the dead lie unmourned and envied. we picked at the flesh of reason and welcomed absurdity, embraced fantasy and greed and dulled our senses. as the fires burned away we paid no mind. when the fires burned our feet we could only beg; to remain royal in a kingdom of less and less and less with each passing day.