by HUSH.

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Rhokeheart Awesome crushing sludge crust. These guys have a huge sound. Favorite track: We Left Like Birds.
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Ryukisai Everything in this band is ugly : tempo, riffs, sounds, screams. A rage-full trip in an oppressive dark marshland, with some misleading sparks of hope from time to time. Favorite track: Eater of All Things.
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@CelticFrosty With Unexist, Hush has delivered a crushing slab of loud, lumbering doom and sludge that’s heavier than anything I’ve heard this year. It’s an anvil made of dark matter. Cure’s tortured, authoritative vocal performance rides atop the devastation and commands the slow-motion chaos with ease. You don’t listen to this music. You behold it.
Alex Richings
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Alex Richings Heavier than your mother and by far the coolest CD packaging I've ever seen.
Fantastic all round.
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Unexist was recorded Dec 6-9, 2013 at Black Dog Recording Studio in Stillwater, NY. Ryan Slowey engineered it. Scott Evans mixed it at Antisleep Audio in Oakland, CA. Brad Boatright mastered it at Audioseige in Portland, OR.


released June 24, 2014

the songs on this recording were performed by: J. Cozza: 8 strings, J, Andrews: 7 strings, C. Baird Buchanan: 5 strings, R. Strainer: drums, C. Cure: voice



all rights reserved


HUSH. New York, New York

loud//slow. sludge//doom.

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Track Name: Solus
Awake, bathed in thoughtless light. Spirit fraying from all sides. Bones lay bare, white, and crooked. carrion scent fills the air. the fallen bird feels its life slip away, teeth pierce sinew, and it finds what lies at the heart of all that is heartless. a simple truth. there is no mercy in hope; no shelter in wish and dream. no flight without wings. a relentless cold unfurls inside. all things, distant and blurring. red within the eye, seeping into skin. embraced by the jaws of my murderer, i stare into the sun and reach for the arms of night.
Track Name: Eater of All Things
Petals, divine in scent and shade burst from every pore and seam. Roots drag a choking glutton into the always open mouth of the earth, the true eater of all things. The end of this world is a vision so pure that it destroys sight itself. A whisper of all that has been, and all that is to be. Left drifting in your final thought, cradled by numbing joy; your fattened body feeds the world above, your marrow the world below.
Track Name: We Left Like Birds
Shades, drifting across the grey landscape of exclusion. the leaves utter curses, the wind accuses. countless miles rendered bleak by the long march toward perfection. red forest, uprooted. feather and fur scattered wild. from the tops of trees to the empty street, a tuneless dirge echoing. a eulogy on broken strings. to ash, to smoke, with every living thing. Samosely gather and weep.
Track Name: Infinite Recursion
Mirror facing mirror. Echoes in a loop. Every single cell becoming fused. Patterns of fire repeated in smoke, and in our scars beneath the bark. Born from dust. Returned to dirt. Grow and wilt together. Burned and scorched forever, your light pulls me from the soil.
Track Name: Waves of Exultation
Carried into ecstasy on the back of agony. Blinding lights and frenzied shadows dance. The self dissolved in endless wandering, though the flesh still glows with lust and flame. Senses fly toward burning skies, then sink beneath a rushing tide of utopian apathy and shivering bliss. All is lost and never found. All is lost and never missed. All is lost in fevered dream. All is lost in haze and drift. I closed my eyes and forgot I ever lived.
Track Name: Rest/Nonexistence
The sun of memory drowned in black rain. the cold silent erasure. a coat of many colors, shed and greyed. rotted away with age. bled beyond the lines and smeared outside the shape, portrait without a face. every dream unraveling. shadow hands beckoning. a glitter in the void has drawn your eye. coaxed you inside. left the rest to rust and ruin in your absence.
Track Name: Splendor
Diving through the clouds, eyes down. the heavy world made weightless. [and] spinning free as the midday light bursts into shards of splendor. all is cast away in the rush and jump. the heart of everything shudders and stops. silence. a blur of azure. a gentle breeze. hands clasping. the memory of laughter. solitude. the warmth of fire. burning pictures of a man who disappeared. spread my ashes wide, for I am free.